EuroKabel GmbH is a prominent consulting company, that has an extensive market knowledge and an experience of many years in the care and consultation of national and international network carriers, providers of services in the telecommunications surrounding field and public orderers, which want to structure or optimize their business activities in Europe.

EuroKabel GmbH develops non-standard solutions for the specific requests of its customers, e.g.: Telcos/PTT's, ISP's, ASP's, carrier and e-/M-Commerce companies. EuroKabel GmbH is aligned consistently to the needs and requests of its customers and supports these competently from the generation of concepts over procurement of venture Capital up to the implementation of the business activity.

Beyond that the services of the Eurokabel GmbH extend also to the execution of operational functions in the cash transaction, and the personnel recruitment. The EuroKabel GmbH takes over sections of the operational business of its customers up to a defined size in the form of outsourcing.

A further core competence of the EuroKabel GmbH is the placement of personnel in the upper management level, the placement of interim personal in the technical area like also on the management level of telecommunications companies.

These main focuses of consulting constitute our divisions: Investor Mediation, Consulting, Personnel Recruitment and Connectivity Sales partner.